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8th grade U.S. History

Welcome! I'm Mrs. DiVincenzo, 8th grade U.S. History and Leadership teacher. I've been teaching for 7 years, and I'm happy to share my excitement for teaching and learning at PLN CMS! This year may be challenging, but it will be a great success with effort and hard work from students, parents, and teachers.


In History class, students will learn, practice, and apply the skills necessary to develop as a strong reader, writer, communicator, and critical thinker in accordance with the California Content Standards for 8th Grade U.S. History and the Common Core Standards.


Students will be challenged to expand their understanding of the events that informed the creation of this country, as well as learn what it means to be an active citizen in our democratic-republican government.


Topics include: the Colonial Period, the American Revolution, the U.S. Constitution, Westward expansion, slavery and abolition, the Civil War, the Reconstruction, immigration, human rights, and more!


Teaching stats:

Here are my teaching stats for 2018 - 2019:
🍎Starting this year: 8 years
🍎Number of different classrooms: ????
🍎Number of schools: 4
🍎Number of school districts: 3
🍎Subjects taught: Ancient History, Medieval World History, U.S. History, English as a Foreign Language, Leadership/Student Council
🍎Grades taught: 6-9, Adult
🍎Principals: 5
🍎States taught: 3
🍎Current Position: 8th grade